Head of the chair
Tulemetova Aygul Sainovna
Candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Tauke-khan 5, Department of Economics, Housing (HL), 422 office
Telephone: 8(7252) 211036
Teachers' staff

Data on the magistracy specialty 6M050600 "Economics"
History of department “Economics”
        The chair “Economy” has in its basis one of the oldest chairs of the Kazakh chemical- technology institute – "Economy, the organization and planning of productions".  Being in structure of technological higher education institution, the chair conducted training of engineers-economists.  The first release was in 1969.
Teaching staff
        In 2018-2019 year the total number of TS of chair is 29 people. Completeness by regular teachers is 100%, as a part of chair is 27 regular teachers and 2 part-time workers. The share of teachers with academic degrees in 2018-2019 academic year is 51,7% of number of regular teachers. Work at chair: 6 professors, 7 Associate Professors, 14 masters, 113 senior teachers of masters and 1 teacher. The share of the teachers able to conduct occupations in a state language is 89,6% of the number of TS. All structure of TS has the basic education corresponding to a profile of training of specialists. Average age of TS is 45 years.
        Teachers of chair are  Kalmenova M.T., Kalmanova N. M., Dosmuratova E.E.,  Polezhayeva I.S. conduct occupations in English for economic specialties.
Educational and methodical work
        All disciplines on this specialty are conducted in the state and Russian languages. A share of the students who are trained in a state language is 69,1%.
        One of important activities of Economics chair is the organization of educational and methodical work.
        Main objective of educational and methodical work of chair is improvement of quality of the organization and carrying out lecture and seminar occupations, SIW SIWT; preparation and protection of term papers, performance by students of scientific researches within subjects of theses and drawing up of business plans; carrying out occupations with use of cases, business games, presentations, etc. Scientific and methodical development of TS of chair is actively used in educational process.
        In 2018-2019 academic year educational and methodical work of Economics chair was carried out on the basis of working curricula according to State standard of formation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the state and Russian languages. There are training standard programs, provision with which is 100% on all disciplines of chair .
        Teachers of chair also actively participate in the methodical seminars holding on faculty and university. Educational and methodical development of TS (textbooks, manuals, methodical instructions, electronic textbooks) were presented at the exhibition organized within the annual regional methodical forum held in M. Auyezov SKSU.
        There are actively used interactive methods of training in educational process by TS of chair . So, there is an interactive board which is in 419 audiences on chair . This audience is specialized and intended for holding scientific and methodical seminars. Also, each teacher has opportunity to give classes with use of an interactive board. On a lecture and practical training teachers use cases, business, role-playing games.


Educational work
        Educational work on Economics chair is carried out according to the approved plan. Current academic year in "Economy" specialty are trained 12 academic groups : 8 Kazakh and 4 Russians. It is fixed the curator to each group.
        Curators spend curator hours according to the schedule of curator hours brought in the schedule of studies. There are materials on each subject of curator hours according to the plan of educational work of the academic groups.
        Curator hours and events were held in the following directions: public political, patriotic, international education, moral esthetic education, professional education, sporting events, fight against religious extremism, a subscription of mass media and work in the dormitory.
        On September 1, 2018 on Economics chair with first-year students it was meeting at which discussed the Law of RK "About Education", the internal schedule of university, educational process, participation in public life where acted the manager of chair Tulemetova A.S. as held., senior curator of chair Sadybek E.K., Moldogaziyeva G. M.  and edvayzer of chair of Saparbayeva E.A.
Research work
        It is performed the research work of chair to a subject of the state budgetary subject: "Problems of industrially - innovative development, interindustry integration and modernization of organizational forms in branches and spheres of SKR", the Research supervisor: c.e.s., professor Tulemetova A.S.
        On chair research work on economic contracts is performed:
1. The contract No. 279 of 04.02.2014. Innovative project "Creation of Technology and Development of Scientific Bases of Synthesis the multicomponent of Mineral Fertilizers with Specific Features for Sierozemic Soils" (MES RK). Research supervisor Dr.s.t., professor Zhantasov K. Performer: Essirkepova A.M., Bayneeva P. T., Zhantasova D. M. (sum of 30,130 million tenges)
2. Creation of technology of receiving the burnt of chromite pellets from technogenic waste for ferroalloy production. Contract No. 412. Research supervisor Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Zhantasov K. Performer: Zhantasova D. M. (sum of 17,821 million tenges)
3. Within rendering the sponsor's and/or charitable help of JSC Samruk- azyna to Public fund "The Euroasian humanitarian center "Adam Damu" for implementation of the research project: "Management of secondary resources and minimization of waste in the context of transition of RK to "green economy": methodology and mechanisms". Performer is  Essirkepova A.M. under the contract No. 49 of July 9, 2014 for term is on June 1 till December 31, 2014. The sum of the contract is 2800000 tenges.
4. Development of a comprehensive plan of a development of the city Lenger for 2016-2030 within the contract between LLP SKSU  and Akim's Devices of Lenger city for the sum of 3500000 tenges. Research supervisor of the project is Essirkepova A.M.

At «Economy» department since 2015 the joint educational program with the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) in the Economy direction is implemented. The program of double diplomas – is the network educational program in which implementation along with PFUR and M. Auezov SKSU takes part. It is supposed upon termination of training issue of two diplomas to students by two partner organizations. The undergraduate of «Economy» department Zhanabaev Maksat has studied according to this program and now has gained two diplomas. Training of students with use of the best world practices, acquisition of skills by them not only at the native university, but also on the basis of the known foreign higher education institution allows to gain not only two diplomas at the same time, but also to adopt the best foreign experience. In addition, training in programs of double diplomas allows improving considerably knowledge of language, it is better to understand culture and mentality of citizens of the partner- country.

The most significant scientific and creative results of chair:
- Professor of chair Tulemetova A.S. there was a winner in the nomination "the Best professor of M. Auezov SKSU for 2013-2014"
- For special merits in the field of education of RK "The honourable worker of science and education of RK" c.s.e., Associate Professor Kuttybayeva D. A. is awarded by a breastplate.
- Associate Professor c.e.s. Aydarova A.B.was the winner of Republican competition on assignment of a rank "The best teacher of higher education institution" in 2014.
- professor c.e.s. Bayneeva P. T. was the winner of Republican competition on assignment of a rank "The best teacher of higher education institution". 2014.
        In 2018-2019  there were published 9 manuals, 13 monographs, the 135th articles are published, including: with an impakt-factor of the 14th article, scientific articles in the magazines approved by Committee on control in education and RK-13 sciences; other magazines-8; in the international conferences distant-1, the neighboring countries-4 and RK-60, the republican and regional RK-35 conferences by TS of chair.
        There were 37 articles published with students in Works of the 19th student's scientific conference on natural, technical, to the social humanities: "Nurly zhol – a contribution of young scientists in implementation of the program" M. Auyezov SKSU
To Entrant to university
        Educational program of a bachelor degree 5B050600 - "Economy"
        The bachelor on this specialty owns a complex of special theoretical knowledge and the practical skills concerning the solution of problems of economic and organizational character, application of modern technologies, information processing, decision-making. It has to have sufficient theoretical preparation for the solution of practical tasks and problems in non-standard situations, in the conditions of uncertainty and risk. It has to be prepared for creative, vigorous professional and social activity, high-quality performance of practical tasks within economic and other administrative functions, have theoretical idea of bases of the organization of production, of regularities of development of society, of economic behavior of people in the course of production, distributions, an exchange and consumption of material services.
        The bachelor of "Economy" can continue training according to the educational master program of specialty 6M050600 – "Economy". Term of training - 1 (profile) and 2 (scientific and pedagogical) year. Qualification and academic degree: Master of economy.
Objects of professional activity of bachelors are:
        enterprises and firms of all forms of ownership, establishments, organizations and governing bodies of state regulation of economy, links of market infrastructure, scientific research institute and educational institutions.
        Within an educational program of specialty 5B050600 - "Economy" specialization in branches does not provided, but the following specializations have advisory nature:
• Economy of the oil-processing and petrochemical industry;
• Industrial economy of construction materials;
• Economy of the food industry.
        Studying on specializations is providing by a certain set of disciplines for choice.