Management and Marketing

Head of department:
Kidirova Dzhamilya Shafhatovna
Candidate of economical science

Address:   Shymkent., Tauke-khan 5, main building 409,410.
Telephone\Fax: 8(7252)212367

Teachers' staff

        "Management" department was founded in 1996 on the basis of chair «Economy, the organization and manufacture planning». In 2000 the chair was a part of chair "Economy". With increase in staff of incorporated chair and transition to credit technology of training it was accepted decisions of the Academic council of university chair "Management" began to function as independent division. 
        Research work (SRW) chairs is conducted a theme: «Socially - economic and ecological development of South Kazakhstan region» (the supervisor of studies – PHD in an economical science, professor Kuralbaeva A.S.)
        SRW it is carried out in following directions:
- Increase of ecological-economic efficiency of development of agrarian and industrial complex SKO (Kuralbaeva A.S. – PHD in ec.s., the professor, Aidarov T.A. –, the senior lecturer, Ibraimova S.S., Imanbaev A.A., Nurseitov B. E, Daurbaeva M. U )
- Modernization of regional economic systems (Kuralbaeva A.S. – PHD in, the professor, Nurasheva K.K. – PHD in ec.s.., the senior lecturer, Nazarbekova D.B., Zijamuhamedova S.H. - ,candidate od economical science the senior lecturer, Satybekova E.G., Stamkulova M. U – Candidate of economical science  Esenova A.E.-k.s.n. Tulepova B. Sh ) 
        Done analysis SRW of chair has shown annual increase in quantity of publications on the average on 24%. The quantity of publications in foreign editions is increased.
        SRW’s results are  actively taken  root into educational process.
Teachers of chair participate in various regional, republican and international conferences. Preside  at the scientific researches spent by students.
        Results of the given researches will allow to develop projects on reception of grants of fund of a science of  NAN РК for performance of programs of basic researches, to develop economic-mathematical models of forecasting of social and economic processes, organizational - economic mechanisms of resource management. 
Students and a science
        The great attention is given to a student's science. Students participate in various scientific debate, discussions, round tables, scientific student's conferences etc.
        At chair the scientific student's circle "Management " functions. In annual scientifically-student's conferences students act with reports in different directions socially – economic development of the country and region.
        Our students repeatedly participated in the Kazakhstan republican project «Intellectual Olympic Games», in the youth program «Heritage of centuries» where have occupied 3 prize-winning places. Students’ debate club "Akimat" have taken part in republican debate  tournament  a theme «Formation for all», organized Kazahstan-British technical university together with the United Nations where have taken 2nd place.


The international cooperation

Dean of the Higher School M. Seydakhmetov. with the professor of the Upper Silesian Economic University (Poland) Stefan Dirkai

Professor at the University of Pittsburgh (USA) gives a lecture on "Management"

Associate Professor of Moldogazieva G.M. at the advanced training at the University of Newcastle (England) under the program "Arrow"

Training of students of the department "Management of marketing marketing" in a foreign university



Implementation of the educational program in the specialty 6M050700 - Management, 6M051100 - Marketing is carried out on the basis of state license No. 12019073 dated 14.11.2012. The department has a well-founded and consistent program of development, developed in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan SKSU them. Auezov, which includes a mission and vision aimed at achieving the set goals and objectives. During the implementation of the educational program, more than 80 masters were trained (10 of them for the CIS of the CIS). On the basis of the international agreement on a consortium for the creation of the CIS of the CIS, a joint master's educational program is implemented that ensures the transfer of students with the aim of developing competencies necessary for integration into a single educational space. SKSU M.Auezov since 2010, has been training on two-diploma master programs of the CIS of the CIS and over this period, more than 10 graduate students have graduated, who continued their scientific and labor activities in various sectors of the national economy and doctoral studies.

To further enhance the effectiveness of the preparation of undergraduates, the department for the period until 2020 determines the following strategic priorities:

   - the development of forms and the improvement of the quality of educational services on the basis of innovative technologies;
   - ensuring the wide academic mobility of teachers, undergraduates at the national and international levels;
   - provision of foreign language communicative competence of the teaching staff of the department;
    - focus on the end result

The faculty of the department is awarded with public and state awards. The holders of the state grant and the title "The Best Teacher of the Year" are: Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Seidakhmetov M.K (2013), Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Kydyrova Zh.S. (2015).

The title of "Best Associate Professor" SKSU M. Auezov in 2015 was awarded Ph.D., Associate Professor Aidarov TA. On the occasion of the 70th birthday of the SKSU named after M. Auezov, Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor of the department Aydarov TA was awarded the jubilee medal "ОҚМУ -70 жыл". As a result of the 2015-2016 academic year, the department "Management and Marketing" became the owner of the nomination "Best Chair of SKSU named after M.Auezov".

Kuraev R. and Kokinayeva G. at the meeting with the accreditation committee

Head of the department conducts research with undergraduates

Master Tsalagov I.T. on the discussion of the solution of problems of the agro-industrial complex

Graduates - 2017

Graduates - 2017


In 2014, the department successfully passed specialized accreditation of the magistracy specialties 6M050700 - Management, 6M051100 - Marketing in NKAO (certificate SA № 0018/2)

In the process of studying, undergraduates take a scientific foreign internship in the following universities: Astrakhan State University; University of Balikesir (Turkey); Upper Silesian University of Economics (Poland); RSIMA named after Timiryazev (Moscow); Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov; RSTU. Bauman (Russia), MGRI-RSGRU S. Ordzhonikidze (Russia), Higher School of Economics (Russia), Tomsk State University, etc. In the framework of international cooperation, the leading scholars of Turkey (universities Akdeniz, Kayseri) are invited to lecture; Russia (PFUR, NSU); Belarus (BSTU); Poland.

In 2017, the department's specialty successfully passed the national accreditation of the Independent Agency for the Quality Assurance of Education for a period of 5 years. In 2017 and 2018, the educational program of the specialty 6M052000 - Business Administration took 1st place in the ranking of educational programs of universities in Kazakhstan according to the assessment of the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for the Quality Assurance of Education - IQAA Rating. In total, in 2018-2019 academic year, 16 undergraduates are studying in the profile and scientific-pedagogical direction. In 2018, Dr. PhD Yesbolova A.E. Received a grant from the Erasmus + 107 KA program at the University of Padua (Italy). As well as undergraduate specialties undergo a scientific internship at the Academy of Social Sciences, Krakow, Poland, the University of Lodz (Poland), the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow), the University of International Business, Almaty, the Republican State University methodical center of additional education, Astana, TarGU named after M.H. Dulati Taraz, International Kazakh-Turkish University. HA. Yassavi Turkestan, etc. In the 2018 - 2019 academic year, Filin SA was invited to give a lecture. Russian Economic University. G.Plekhanov Moscow. Undergraduates 1 course Sultanova D.M. and Anarby BB spring semester in 2018-2019 are studying under the academic mobility program of the University of Lodz (Poland).

On the work of practice and the educational and scientific production complex of the department "Management and Marketing"

Since its inception, the Department of Marketing and Management has been closely cooperating with enterprises and organizations of South Kazakhstan Oblast. Within the framework of the UNPK, projects are being prepared for participation in competitions for receiving state grants. In the educational process specialists of state institutions, enterprises of agriculture branches are involved. In order to deepen knowledge, science and industrial integration, the faculty of the faculty undergoes qualification upgrades at the enterprises: NUR & ADIL LLP, Prod & Group-2050 LLP and Asel LLP.

The Chair "Management and Marketing" organized and held a meeting on the theme "Modernization of public administration is a reflection of democratic values". The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the appeal of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev. on the issue "Redistribution of powers between the branches of power". Reports were heard on the topics: "Raising the professional level of civil servants", "Ways to improve the Kazakhstani model of civil service", as well as students' issues. At the meeting with the students of the specialty 5B051000 - "State and local administration", the heads and specialists of the state bodies of the South Kazakhstan region (the Department for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the South Kazakhstan region, the Center for Training of Civil Servants of the South Kazakhstan Akimat Akimat of the Abai district of the city of Shymkent, the Department of Internal Policy of the South Kazakhstan region, the Department of Youth Policy and Educational the work of the South-Kazakhstan State University named after. Auezov). In South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov the lecture of the secretary of the party "Nurotan" Abrakhimov Gabidollah Rakhmatullaevich for students of the specialty 5B051000 - "State and local administration" was held. Having told the students about the state service, state functions and state administration, the city akim answered the questions of the youth.

Educational-methodical work

Teaching and methodical work is the main part in the implementation of educational programs. Its goal is to increase the pedagogical professional qualifications, educational-methodical, analytical, information activities of the teaching staff.

Professors and pedagogical staff of the department for the purpose of methodical support of educational programs 5В050700 - Management, 5В051000 - State and local administration, 5В051100 - Marketing, 6М050700 - Management, 6М051100 - Marketing, 7 manuals, more than 36 electronic textbooks, 66 methodical instructions, more than 10 cases and business games, more than 22 collections of lectures.


Scientific and research work of the department "Marketing and Management"

The department "Management and Marketing" is carrying out research work on the state budget topic: "Management of the socio-economic development of the Southern region in the context of the new economic policy." The results of R & D include the production and training process. Annually, the number of acts of implementing the results of scientific research is 15, in the educational process, it exceeds 10. In particular, the following enterprises are considered:

    - The results of scientific research on the introduction of new effective varieties and the problems of their marketing in the territory of the SKO are introduced into the production activities of LLP "Yug-Asar" (Candidate of Economic Sciences Aidarov TA);
     - The results of scientific research on the application of effective methods of increasing the yield of grapes are introduced into the production activity "Company" Baglan "JHS (Candidate of Economic Sciences Aidarov TA);
     - The results of scientific research on the problems of the safety of food products have been introduced into the production activities of "Baba Khan" LLP (Candidate of Economic Sciences Aidarov TA, senior lecturer Zhanabayeva GM);
    - The results of scientific research on the problems of increasing the productivity of the South Kazak merinoes are introduced into the production activity of the peasant farm "ODIL" (Candidate of Economic Sciences Aidarov TA, Candidate of Economic Sciences Kydyrova Zh.Sh., Master V.Karibov);
     - The results of scientific research on the optimization of agricultural production are introduced into the production activity of LLP Magistral-Agro (Candidate of Economic Sciences Aydarov TA, teacher Kasymova ZK);
     - The results of scientific research on the processing of agricultural products are introduced into the production activity of Akarisbekarys LLP (Candidate of Economic Sciences Aidarov TA, aka otutushy Tuleeva A.Zh.);
    - The results of scientific research on the modeling of agrarian policy using the cluster approach of Bio-Agro SEC (Candidate of Economic Sciences Aydarov TA, Candidate of Economic Sciences Kydyrova Zh.Sh., Candidate of Economic Sciences Demesinova A .A.).

The results of research work are published in the proceedings of scientific and practical conferences and open press, at the same time they are used for the execution of diploma and coursework, for conducting lecture and practical classes. The staff of the department of Management and Marketing annually participate in the grant competition of scientific projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on various topics, including:

    - Development of technology for obtaining organic peanut products on an industrial basis
    - The introduction and distribution of effective varieties of subtropical crops (garnets, persimmons, figs) in the territory of the South Kazakhstan region
    - Breeding and distribution of sheep in the southern Kazakhstan.
    - Receiving peanut processing products using innovative technologies in the South Kazakhstan region
    - Low-cost technology for production of feed based on local raw materials
    - Increase of productivity of the South Kazakhstan merinoes due to use of innovative achievements of foreign and domestic selection in SKR

Students show their resourcefulness and creativity every year at debates, seminars, olympiads and scientific competitions both at the level of the faculty, the university, and at the level of the republic, as well as in countries far abroad. Students actively participate in the work of student scientific conferences held at the university, in leading universities of the country and abroad. The number of reports proposed by students who took part in the university scientific conference for the last three years was 121. 63 articles were published in the collection of proceedings of the scientific student conference of the university. At the annual republican competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, students of the specialties "SMM", "Management", and "Marketing" presented 4 projects on problems of development of the AIC of the SKO, investment activities both in the country and in the region, personnel management at enterprises, enterprises of SKR.


Student research work

Students took part in the republican competition of annual research works, fourth-year students took part in the international Olympiad "Triumph" in Yekaterinburg. Students of the specialty in the M & E team (Kholoshenko N., Khalbaeva H., Muldashev A.) won the nomination "The most creative team". The student of the specialty "Marketing" Sairambay E. is one of the best students who actively participates in scientific work, took part in the Eurasian Economic Forum, which took place in Yekaterinburg as part of the "Innovative Tourism Development" competition "Business Eurasia" took 1st place in the scientific project. Sayrambay E. also took part in the Eurasian National University in the International Conference of Students and Young Scientists with the theme "Problems and prospects of the economic region of South Kazakhstan after the accession of Kazakhstan on the WTO and their decisions "and won the III place on this topic. Currently, Sairambay Erkebulan studies at the University of Padua (Italy) as an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Scholarship for SILKROUTE.


Educational work