The account and audit

    Head of the department:

Satymbekova Katira Batyrkhanovna

Candidate of economic sciences, associated professor

Addess: 5 Tauke Khan avenue, main building, office 414.
Telephone: 8 (7252) 211-401.


      General information
      The department "Accounting and Audit" was established on May 7, 1992. The department was headed in 1994-2004. Ph.D. Zhakipbekov S.Zh., in 2005-2006. Ph.D. Satenov BI, in 2006-2012 the candidate of economic sciences Imanov GA, in 2012-2016. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Zhakipbekov DS, in 2016-2017 Ph.D. Satibekova K.B. Since October 2017 to this day the department is headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Seitbekova Saltanat Tursynovna. The purpose of the department "Accounting and Audit" is aimed at the preparation of competitive specialists with deep theoretical and practical skills, professional knowledge and experience corresponding to the GOSO specialty "Accounting and Audit". Training of specialists is carried out according to the following educational programs:
         5B050800 Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Audit
         6M050800 master's degree in "Accounting and Audit" (scientific-pedagogical and profile direction)
      To the educational process, the department attracts doctors, professors, candidates of economic sciences, experienced teachers and specialists. At the present time the Honored Worker of Education of the RK, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Zhakipbekov S.Zh., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Dzhumanov AM, Ph.D. Seitbekova ST, Ph.D. Zhakipbekov DS, Candidate of Economic Sciences Turebaeva Zh.K., a member of the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors Ph.D. Satenov BI and senior teachers Akhmetov SS, Abdykulova DB, Atenova K.A., Tulegenova R.Zh., Tulebaevа VT, Karibov VM, Sarkulova NK, Bastikov D.Kh.
       Accounter - a profession for ages and for the future. Training in this specialty gives an opportunity for successful professional activity at virtually any enterprises and organizations. As a result of studying the disciplines related to the mechanism of the functioning of the market economy, as well as certain topical issues, such as International Accounting Standards, accounting of production costs, computerization of accounting, allows graduates to work in state bodies, organizations of all forms of ownership, government regulatory bodies economy in the links of market infrastructure, research organizations.
      Personnel policy of the Department of Accounting is aimed at maintaining the core staff, attracting young employees and improving the skills of each teacher

       Activities in the field of international cooperation
      In order to develop international integration of the Kazakh system of higher education and training in accounting, audit, the department closely cooperates with leading foreign universities. The teaching staff of the department annually participates in various international conferences organized in Kazakhstan and abroad. Within the framework of international cooperation, Dr. Shaban Mustafa Ersurur (Erzurum, Turkey) was invited from Atatürk University in 2011. On December 6, 2012 the department held an international seminar "Accounting and audit problems in the Single Economic Space". The reports were presented by the head of the department "Accounting, Analysis and Audit" of MSU named after MV Lomonosov, member of the Association of Accountants and Auditors "Sodruzhestvo", Doctor of Economics, Professor Suits VP: "Development of reporting, analysis and audit in the conditions Eurasian Union ", the head of the Department of" Economic Analysis and Forecasting "of the Kyrgyz National University. Zh. Balasagun, Doctor of Economics, Professor Arzybaev AA, Head of the Department of Accounting and Audit KazEU. T. Ryskulova, doctor of economic sciences, professor Mirzhakipova S.T. Within the framework of academic mobility, communication with other higher education institutions is constantly maintained, and their teachers are attracted to training courses. Lectures were conducted by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor V. Suits. from the Moscow State University. MVLomonosova and Ph.D. Petrovskaya M.V. from the PFUR. Students Yerzhanov S., Asenov S., studied at Balikeser University in Turkey and Kydyrbaeva K., Arkharova R., Kablanova S. at the University of Turib in Latvia. The department is always proud of its graduates. Our graduates work safely as financial directors, chief accountants, heads of departments in different sectors of the economy.


      Scientific and research work of the department "Accounting and audit"
    At the Department "Accounting and Audit" approved the state-budget research for 2016-2020: B-16-09-03 "Management accounting, tax reporting and reporting, as well as research issues of audit and analysis." Starting from the academic year 2017, B-16-09-03 is held on the topic "Management Accounting, Tax Accounting and Reporting", as well as "Audit and Analysis Research".
            Section 1. Management accounting, tax reporting and reporting.
            Section 2. Research of management and tax audit and analysis.
     On themes of fundamental, applied and risk studies, funded by the Ministry and the development institutions, J.E. Abylgazieva won the contest of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the topic "Biological method of economic evaluation of plant protection efficiency and the creation of rural biological laboratories of the SKO" for a total of KZT2,618,807 for No. 44 of February 12, Scientific works of the teaching staff of the department are published in the journals Thomson Reuters, Scopus, RINC, international conferences, international conferences and republican magazines. The results of the research are introduced into the educational process and production. In 2015, Zhakipbekov DS published a monograph on "The methodology of tax accounting and accounting and analytical support for taxpayers companies." Under the leadership of Zhakipbekov DS, Karibov V., Bastikov D. published a manual "Tax accounting and reporting."


Head of the chair "Accounting, analysis and audit" of M.V.Lomonosov MSU, Doctor of Economics,  Professor at the chair of "Accounting and Audit" V.P.Suyts

A round-table discussion "Innovative methods in teaching" with the Head of the chair "Accounting and Audit" of T.Rysқulov ҚazEU -S.T.Mіrzhaқypova, Doctor of Economics.  

Associate Professor D.S.Zhaқypbekov with Doctor of Economics, Professor of  M.V.Lomonosov MSU V.P.Suyts and Doctor of Economics, Professor  professor A.D.Sheremet 

Doctor of Economics, Professor of the chair "Accounting and Audit" A.M. Djumanov at  "Issyk-Kul Forum of Accountants and Auditors of Eurasia" (Kyrgyzstan) 

Students research work
     In accordance with the plan of the SRW, the following activities are planned: the preparation of students on the tasks of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the organization of student organizations, the implementation of student research and scientific and educational programs and projects, the organization of student participation in regional, national and international student scientific conferences, participation in conferences and publication of research results during conferences. At the department works SRK "Club of Young Accountants". In accordance with the plan of the Council of People's Commissars, the following activities are planned: discussion of research topics, scientific seminars, round tables and special topics. Students are prepared including the participation of students in the implementation of student research and scientific and educational programs, projects and student participation in regional, national and international student scientific conferences. Students also take an active part in the international scientific conference "Auezov Readings". Maksutova Amina, EF-14-7R group took 1st place in the second Kazakhstan professional competition among universities.

Exchange of views of participants of SRK "Young Accountant"

Participants of SNK "Young Accountant" at the round table



The work of the educational and scientific production complex and practice
Practice is an important part of the training of highly qualified specialists and is conducted at enterprises, institutions, organizations of various industries, public administration institutions, research centers, etc. The purpose of the practice is to further deepen and consolidate knowledge, acquire the necessary practical skills in the field of organization and accounting techniques accounting, as well as analysis of financial and economic activities of enterprises. Direct participation of students in the life of the organization allows you to consolidate practical skills that meet the qualification requirements of the specialist. Staying in a professional environment, students master, first of all, the methodology of accounting and audit organization. Practice provides continuity and consistency in the study of theoretical and practical material. Students form and develop professional knowledge in the field of accounting, analysis and audit, master necessary professional competencies, deeply master practical skills, collect, analyze and generalize scientific material. Passage of professional practice by students is an obligatory element of training in the educational program "Accounting and Audit".
The educational program includes the following types of practices:
-clear (after 1 course);
-production (after 2 and 3 courses);
- pre-diploma - after the 7th semester of the 4th year.

Bases of practice on a specialty 5В050800 «Accounting and audit»

Base of production practice Strategic partners The work of the educational and scientific production complex
→ LLP "Shymkentimmontazh"
→ LLP "Shymkent"
→ JHS "Story service-7"
→ KazAuditFinance LLP
→ LLP "Kentau Transformer Zauyty"
→ "Nazar Textile" LLP
→ LLP "Demeu-kymeshek"
→ South Texiline KZ LLP
→ LLP "Arzan LTD"
→ LLP «TJS» «Türkistan ZholServis»
→ SJK «NGSK KazStroyService»
→ "Aksanat Engineering" LLP
→ Barys 2005 LLP
→ LLP «KazasBatareyasy»
→ Tassay kus LLP
→ LLP "Shymkent"
→ LLP "Stroy service-7"
→ LLP «KazasBatareyasy»
→ LLP «Kuм Tas»
→ LLP "Amankeldi"
→ Forklift Service LLP
At the department in order to improve the quality of training, development of social partnership, the effectiveness of educational and research work, improving the qualifications of teachers are in touch with UNPK
Educational-scientific production complex
→ LLP "Amankeldi"
→ LLP "Shymkent kus"



Educational-methodical work of the department "Accounting and Audit"
   Methodical work is carried out with the purpose of improvement and improvement of the educational process, development and introduction of new teaching technologies, improvement of pedagogical skills of teaching staff. Over the past three years, the department has 8 teaching aids, including 3 in the national language, 1 monograph, 23 lectures, including 7 in the official language, practical guidelines and guidelines for the SIW, SIWT - 78, of which 37 in the official language.
     The purpose of educational and methodical work:
- scientific and methodological support for the implementation of educational programs;
- development of tools and forms for using the learning process and methods of introducing and improving new technologies;
- Provide creative thinking, professional development and professional development of teachers.
   The volume of educational-methodical literature of the Department "Accounting and Audit" for 2014-2018.

Methodical seminar of the department is carried out in accordance with the approved plan. The plan of the methodical seminar was approved at the beginning of the academic year at a meeting of the department.
Methodical seminar of the department performs the following functions:
- discussion of the main methodological problems of the department;
- discussion of the main problems of higher education;
- discussion of educational and methodological support of the discipline;
- discussion of the topic of open lectures;
- discussion, development and implementation of new teaching methods;
- participation in the preparation and holding of university conferences;
- organization and implementation of the exchange of experience of advanced teachers.

The educational work of the Department "Accounting and Audit" is conducted in accordance with the approved plan in the following areas:
- Organizational work
- Civil-patriotic and legal education
- Spiritual and moral education
- Professional education
- Formation of religious tolerance
- Physical culture and the formation of a healthy lifestyle
- Ecological education
- Development of intellectual and communicative culture
- Cultural-aesthetic and multicultural education
- Development of student self-government
Every year, according to tradition, the "Accountant's Week" dedicated to the Day of the Accountant is held at the Department. Chief accountants and experienced specialists of large enterprises of the city and the region are invited. On the cultural, aesthetic, patriotic, spiritual and moral direction, various events are held with the participation of representatives of the legal protection bodies, the media, and specialists of the "Religious Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan." Students actively participate in contests and events at the Olympiad. So the team "Balance kz" and "Shakira" took 2nd place at the student's subject Olympiad. Student gr. EF-15-7r Abdualieva Zh. Was awarded the title "Ең нәзік ару" in the contest "Miss SKSU". At the Universiade the team of students of the specialty took 1st place in volleyball. The faculty takes part in charity events, visits the Children's Home in Sayram village. The department always strives to educate the future generation of high civil responsibility and patriotism.