Discussion of the article N.Nazarbayev "Seven Facets of the Great Steppe".

In EF-18 groups,  EF – 16-1k1, 16-1k2 curator hour on N. Nazarbayev's article "Seven sides of the Great steppe" was spent. Curators Dosmuratova E.E. and Ashirbaeva S.B. prepared the report on the above-stated subject, the explanation to students on given direction was carried out. Reading N. Nazarbayev's article “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”, in our head association with the Seven Wonders of the World consciously arises. They are the main sights in different cities of the world. If this list of the most famous architectural structures can be traveled and viewed by mapping the routes, then the history of Kazakhstan in the spatial and temporal dimension needs to be understood, realized and distributed among the population, especially the youth, explaining the full extent of the Kazakh heritage. At the same time, as N.N. Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, correctly noted, “to show its greatness not at the expense of belittling the role of other nations”, “not limited to selective and opportunistic coverage of a particular historical event”, but in its full color range of historical victories and defeats. At present, there are a lot of programs on television in which one can learn a lot of new, interesting and informative about the history of the Kazakh people, traditions, famous people, etc. At the same time, they are designed for the target audience. Sometimes conducting a poll in the media about Kazakhstan, its people, history, etc. in general, many do not know the obvious facts. It is necessary to fill this gap. “A positive look at own history” is “the right approach, which allows to understand our sources and, indeed, the entire national history in all its depth and complexity”.