Discussion of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

      Teachers of the department "Business and Commercialization" held a public discussion and explanation among the students of the Address of N.Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan on October 5, 2018. We discussed many of the issues raised in this Message. In particular:                                               

1.GROWTH OF POPULATION INCOMES - Incomes grow when a person is hardworking, is a professional in his field, gets a decent salary or has the opportunity to open and develop his own business. Back in 2010, we launched the Business Road Map 2020 program.As part of my visits to the regions, I was convinced of its effectiveness. The program should be extended until 2025. It is necessary to take decisive measures to develop competition in the economy and restore order in tariffs for housing and communal services and natural monopolies. It is necessary to increase the protection of business from unlawful administrative pressure and threats of criminal prosecution. Export-oriented industrialization should be a central element of economic policy.

It is necessary to fully realize the potential of the agro-industrial complex. Special attention should be paid to the development of innovation and service sectors. First of all, it is necessary to ensure the development of such areas of the “economy of the future” as alternative energy, new materials, biomedicine. It is necessary to strengthen the role of the financial sector in the development of the real economy and ensure long-term macroeconomic stability.

II. IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE - Within 5 years, it is necessary to increase expenditures on education, science and health care from all sources to 10% of GDP. It is necessary to drastically improve the quality of pre-school education.In the field of secondary education, the main approaches are defined - at the current stage, it is necessary to concentrate on their implementation. It is necessary to develop and adopt the Law “On the status of the teacher” next year.In higher education, the requirements for the quality of training in educational institutions will be increased. The quality of medical services is an essential component of the social well-being of the population. At the regional level, it is necessary to find reserves and increase the availability of mass sports and physical education. The health of the nation is the main priority of the state. This means that Kazakhstanis should consume high-quality products.

III. CREATING A COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT - Comfort lies primarily in the affordability of housing, a beautiful and safe courtyard, a convenient place to live and work in the village and high-quality infrastructure. Quality and affordable housing. It is necessary to ensure the introduction of new approaches to the territorial development of the country.

  We need deep and qualitative changes in the work of law enforcement agencies.   Further modernization of the judicial system.

IV. OWNER DEDICATED TO CITIZENS 'NEEDS - Drastic increase in the efficiency of state bodies.   In this difficult time, you need to maximize the impact of each allocated tenge. The active fight against corruption will be continued. It is necessary to reduce the formalism and bureaucracy in the work of the Government and all state bodies. For the effective implementation of the tasks, it is necessary to strengthen the mechanism of control over the implementation of reforms.

V. EFFECTIVE FOREIGN POLICY - To ensure the successful modernization of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to conduct an active foreign policy.

VI. PARTICULARITY OF EACH KAZAKHSTAN TRANSFORMATION PROCESS IN THE COUNTRY - Everyone should understand the essence of the reforms being carried out and their significance for the sake of the prosperity of the Motherland.