Dual training

Discussion of the decision of the Academic Council on 28.10.2021 (Minutes 4).
- In the framework of the Strategic Development Plan of the University for 2021-2025, the deans of faculties and general education in coordination with the Department of Academic Affairs, taking into account the specifics of training, define dual education in engineering, natural sciences and humanities and conclude long-term contracts with large enterprises. 22)
- To carry out explanatory work among students on advantages of a form of dual training (heads of 02.12.21)
On the implementation of the decisions of the Academic Council, the head of the department TA Aidarov:
- The department works to implement a dual training program in the Master's Educational Program 7M04160 "Marketing". To implement this system, we are negotiating with leading enterprises of the city (LLP "Dani-nan", LLP "Nur & Adil", LLP "Asel")
- Explanatory work is carried out among undergraduates in the group MEF-21-4nk, selected for dual education.