Economic theory

Head of the Chair 
Mergenbayeva Aziza Toymahambetovna 
Candidate of Economic Sciences

Address:  160013,  Republic  of Kazakhstan, Shymkent,  Tauke khan avenue 5,  M.Auezov  South  Kazakhstan  State University,  main building, room  408
Phone: 8 (7252)  21-14-01.


General information

        «Economic theory» - one of the first chairs formed at the Kazakh Institute of Chemical Technology, formerly referred to as a chair of "Political Economy". This is the fundamental chair, which purpose is the formation of the market outlook in the context of globalization and the integration of economic processes. The chair in different years headed Dzhunusbaev M.D, Nurasheva K.K., Nazarbekova D.B., Rayimkululy S., Utemisova G.T., Sherstyuk V.Yu., Rahmetulina J.B., Urazbayeva G.ZH., Seitbekova S.T. and now head of the chair is Mergenbayeva A.T. High attention is deserved the institute of mentoring, whereby at the department there is succession of generations. Valuable example of the most outstanding mentors who gave this business for decades and left a rich legacy. Indelible mark in the memory of the graduates of our university  left such  lecturers as Detkovskaya E.S., Lee CH.H., Shim A.Y., Myrzabekova Z.M., Aueshova K.P.

        Teaching staff of the chair in search of the state budget on "Scientific and practical basis for sustainable development of the South Kazakhstan region in conditions of forced industrial-innovative development", the result of which is the annual publication of more than 50 scientific articles in international ranking journals with impact factor; in magazines near and far foreign countries; in national ranking  editions; in various editions of international, national and regional conferences of RK. The results of the research work found the embodiment in Master's and PhD thesis’s of teachers of the chair, as Temirova Zh.Zh., Kozhamkulova I.E., Zhumanova G.M., Maulenberdieva G.A.; in publication of a monograph Sherstyuk V.Yu., Urazbayeva G.Zh., Koldasova L.S., Abishova A.U.

        Associate Professor of Urazbayeva G.Zh. participated in the implementation of research work, together with the chair "Chemical technology of inorganic substances" on the theme "The research changes in the content of sanitary-epidemilogical, toxicological and radiological compounds in tomatoes, carrots, corn and soybeans, legumes when applying humate containing hard-mixed NPK-fertilizer of prolonged action to ensure environmental safety."

In 2017-2018 academic year teachers of department have published 75 articles, including: 3 articles – in magazines with an impakt-factor (2 articles in the magazines included in Scopus base and 1 article in the Tomson Reider magazine), in republican magazines (CCES) – 2 articles, in other magazines – 3 articles, in the international conferences (the foreign and neighboring countries) – 4 articles, in collections of works of the international conferences held in RK – 16 articles, in republican, regional and other conferences – 47 articles.

        Committee Science MES of the RК is funded the project on fundamental and applied research in the field of socio-economic sciences and humanities on the years 2015-2017 on the theme "Design of the mechanism of stimulation of entrepreneurs as a form of public-private partnership in the dual system of training on the basis of higher education", where a senior researcher of the project is a senior teacher of the chair Dosaliev U.K .. Project Manager - c.t.s., Associate Professor of the chair "Finance" Isayev G.K. (Cost of the project -. 2750689 tg. contract №77-9 from 12.02.2016g, Astana, SI "MES of the RK Committee of Science.").

       Teachers of chair participated in the competition on grant financing on scientific and scientific and technical projects for 2018-2020 and have won the following projects:

       1. The project, where the executor is kand.econ.sci., associate professor A.T.Mergenbaeva on the topic: "AP05132706 Developing an economic mechanism for regional development in Kazakhstan based on financial regulatory instruments (in particular, municipal securities) to ensure investment attractiveness and high competitiveness of the territory ". Contract No. 164-29 from March 15, 2018 (The head is Nurasheva K.K., Dr.Econ.Sci.,, Professor of the chair of Business and Commercialization, M.Auezov SKSU. Project Amount - 15 630 171 tg. , including for 2018 - 5,107,680 tg.).

       2. The project, where the executor is the kand.econ.sci., associate professor  Urazbayeva G.Zh., on the topic: "AP05133582 Development of methods for calculating and designing woven reinforcing cages of fire pressure hoses to create new high-tech samples of these technical products". Contract No. 164-29 from March 15, 2018 (Head - Zh.U. Myrhalykov, Rector of the M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University. Project amount - 181,20000 tenge, including for 2018 - 6,000,000 tenge)

      Scientific Research Work of Students (SRWS) at the chair of Economic Theory is conducted according to the approved plan of SRWS and the Council of Scientific Circles (CSC). At the chair operates CSC “Leader”, where students of 1-3 courses under the guidance of leading teachers of the department conduct seminars, Olympiads, exchange views and prepare for competitions, conferences, etc.

      It should be noted that students actively participated in the 21st republican student's scientific conference on natural, technical, to the social humanities "A contribution of youth of Kazakhstan to realization of the fourth industrial revolution" of the Southern Kazakhstan state university of M. Auezov, Shymkent 2018. The number of the reports submitted on a conference – 76. Of these, from college – 2 students, from school – 5 pupils. The number of the awarded students - 46, from them prize-winning places – 24, are encouraged with letters of thanks – 22. By results of a conference students together with heads have published 50 scientific articles.

      In reports of students were reflects the aims and objectives of the theme, the urgency of the problem, methods and ways of solving these problems, and provides specific personal proposals and conclusions to improving the problem. Students in performing SRWS are increasingly using modern information technologies, are involved in the implementation of scientific papers, using videos, presentations, etc.





                The tradition of the chair is to hold an annual subject Olympiad among students of the first and second courses of non-economic specialties of the kazakh and russian sections. At the chair of "Economic Theory" in April 2018, the 5th Subject Olympiad was held on the subject "Basics of Economics". The competition was attended by teams gathered from students of multilingual groups of the first courses of the following faculties: HT, FC, PIK, AP, EP. Each team consists of 6 students. The total number of students who participated in the Olympiad is 30. At the Olympiad, students showed their erudition, resourcefulness, literacy and knowledge, as well as awareness of economic events taking place in Kazakhstan and the world, as a result of which the winners were determined. All winners received prizes. The Olympiad was held at a very high level, both in organizing the Olympiad and in preparing students for the Olympiad. All winners received sweet prizes. Olympiad took place at a very high level as for the organization of the Olympiad, and in the preparation of students for the Olympiad.





        At the chair formed a group of talented young faculty and staff, professionally dedicated of own work, such as Orazalieva E.A., Koldasova L.S., Zhumanova G.M., Dosaliev U.K., Maulenberdieva G.A., Ospan B.I. Staff of the chair "Economic theory", of improve the  teaching methods, possession of innovative learning technologies, is recognized worldwide and have proven the effectiveness of the development of new material.

       During the academic year, 8 teachers underwent advanced training.

       senior teachers Koldasova L.S. (from 13-25.11.2017y.) and Orazaliyeva E.A. (from 12-24.02.2018y.) listened to the full course of the Institute for Advanced Studies of High School Teachers of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University;

      C.e.s., associate professor Kozhamkulova I.E. (from 02-14.04.2018) passed the full course of the Institute of Continuing Education in the Moscow Institute of continuous  Education H.A. Yasavi;

    C.e.s., associate professors Urazbayeva G.Zh. (from 06.10.-21.12.2017) passed English language courses (level: Pre-intermediate) and A.Т. Mergenbaeva (from 01.02.-04.05.2018) passed an English language course (level: Elementary) at the Center for the Development of Languages at M. Auezov SKSU.

     С.е.с., associate professor Abishova A.U. (02.26.2018) took part in the introductory seminar Activities of the South Kazakhstan branch of the JSC  “National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise”. Publication of scientific articles in journals included in the Web of Science database.

      С.е.с., associate professor Mergenbayeva A.T. (from 25.06. - 08.07.2017) there has passed a foreign training "The scientific preparatory program for the course Economy and Business" at faculty Applied sciences at Academy of social sciences Krakow the Republic of Poland.

     С.е.с., associate professor Mergenbayeva A.T. (with 09-21.04.2018g.) has taken a full course of Institute of professional development and additional education of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University "Management in education".

      С.е.с., associate professor Abishova A.U., c.е.с., associate professor Kozhamkulova I.E. and senior lecturers Koldasova L.S., Ospan B.I., Zhumanova G.M. (from 13-23.06.2017) passed advanced training "Distance learning: the school of tutors" in M.Auezov SKSU.

      Achievements of the department assessed at different levels of management of the higher school. Utemisova G.T. awarded the medal "Honored Worker of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan", Urazbayeva G.Zh. recognized as the best lecturer Koldasova L.S. - best senior teacher of university, Kozhamkulova I.E. She was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree for participation in the First forum teachers-innovators to introduce innovative technologies and best EMCD University.
     Effective mastering of educational material contributes the methodical elaboration of teachers. Educational-methodical work of the department is reflected in created more than 100 methodological developments on carrying lectures and seminars, business games and case studies, tutorials.

       At the chair the analysis of methodical security of educational process in the state, Russian and English languages is annually carried out.

     By teachers of chair in 2017-2018 academic year was planned 25 EML, developed and published 25 units of EML, from them 6 units – manuals, including: 2 in a state language, 3 in Russian; 8 units – methodical instructions, including: 3 in a state language, 2 in Russian and 3 in English languages; 8 units – a case including: 7 in a state language, 3 in Russian; 1 units – a lecture course. The plan of EML is implemented.

     At the chair created an electronic bank of interactive teaching methods with using of multimedia means and also classes are held in English. Teachers-innovators Seytbekova S.T., Urazbayeva G.Zh., Sherstuk V.Y., Abishova A.U. actively searches for new forms and methods of teaching.

       At the chair conducted educational work. For example, 2 October 2017 together with a group of students EF-14-1k1,1k1,2k1, 2k2, 5k1, 5k2 was organized the meeting on the theme "Ustaz - urpak tіregі" veterans faculty dedicated to veterans and the Teacher's Day. The event was carried out according to the plan prepared by the students and teachers of the chair "Economic theory". There were songs, poems, strike while the dombra, humorous numbers, slides from the Life of Faculty. At the end of the meeting was made by the Dean of the Faculty of Seidakhmetov M. In his speech he thanked the veterans for their great contribution in the formation of the Faculty. Veterans c.e.s. of faculty Niyazbekova RK and c.e.s. Raiymkululy S. in turn extended his gratitude to the organizers with the activities. Such meetings with students positively affect their education and are a major factor in the social development of the country.


Teachers of the chair participated together with students in all cultural events held by the university and the higher school "Management and Business":

- Independence Day,

- New Year,

- Open Day and others.

Teachers had carried also out explanatory work on the policy pursued in the country, the implementation of the Message of the President of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan, world situation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the light of it discussions with students on occupations and also in the hostel No. 4 were led, during watch of teachers. On September 22, 2017, teaching staff of the Department of Economic Theory organized a meeting with veterans of the department on the Labor Day. On October 17, 2017, in order to implement the President’s program “Orientation to the Future: the spiritual revival", the teachers of the department got acquainted and discussed the video. On November 22, 2017, the debate was organized on the topic “prevention of and fight against corruption.”. The head of the department, c.e.s., associate professor A.T. Mergenbaeva spoke on measures to combat corruption. March 28, 2018 the teaching staf of chair  "Economic Theory" is organizing an all-round meeting on the subject "Our knowledge for the development of independent Kazakhstan.". The meeting has taken place according to the program of the department prepared by teachers, the report on the same subject has been heard. At the chair of Economic Theory work of "Women's council" is actively carried out. So, on January 31, 2017 in 407 audiences teachers of chair, in common with students, have carried out "A round table" on theme "The ratio between Mother and the Daughter-in-law ". The purpose of this meeting was to strengthen the institution of the family, as in the present conditions, the trend of many divorces began to take massive. The important role and relevance in this matter and take relationship between daughter in law and mother in law. It is important to promote moral values among young families, as well as teach them to respect and build relationships within the family.

      Also, the teachers of the chair of “Economic Theory” held a “Round Table” on the theme “Labor and Happiness Twin”, which was attended by teachers of the faculty “Economics and Finance” and invited such guests as:

1) Head doctor SHGDB №1, candidate of medical sciences Ukbaeva Gauhar Sapartaevna;

2) Candidate of Economic Sciences Nurmadieva Nasim Slyamovna;

3) Chairman of the "Women's Council" University, Ph.D. Sataeva Lyazzat Mutalovna;

4) The Secretary of "Women's Council" University Orynbekova Gulzhan Bayzhanқyzy.

        During the "round table" was discussed the main issues on the subject: How to succeed? How can I combine career and family? How to be successful, and at the same time, remain a weak woman? Invited guests shared their experiences and gave valuable tips present. In general, the purpose of the meeting was reached, and the teachers heard a lot of interesting and useful.






        At the chair is being strengthened career guidance work.  was held meeting with the graduates of the school №9 Shymkent and "Miras" college "Bolashak", "Otrar", "YUKE and C" South Kazakhstan region. Teachers of the department "Economic theory" according to the order of SKSU name M.Auezov were sent on a mission in the Sairam district of South Kazakhstan region, for the career guidance. According to the approved plan for the 2017-2018 academic year, the department conducted career guidance work. The chair was assigned to the school №59. The teachers regularly went to school with professional orientation work. A meeting was held with the graduates of the school №59 of  Shymkent, as well as the colleges of SKSEK, "SEC and S" of the South Kazakhstan region. According to the order of M. Auezov SKSU, the teachers of the chair of "Economic Theory" were sent on a business trip to Sayram region of the SKR to conduct professional orientation work. Also, teachers of the chair held a meeting with graduates of secondary schools of Sairam district of South Kazakhstan region: secondary school №13 Navoi, secondary school №41 named M.Orazalieva, secondary school №44 «Madani", secondary school №63 named after K. Satpaev, secondary school №65 named after A. Muzrapova. During the agitation work graduates of the school were distributed leaflets and posters with illustrations of all specialties of the University. Graduates have received satisfactory answers to all questions. Also, all these schools have been decorated stands with description of our university life and the rules of admission to the university. According to the schedule of the University graduates of the above schools were invited teachers of the chair on the day of "open doors" and held meetings. For improvement of propaganda work in media article has been published: Mergenbayeva A.T., Urazbayeva G.Zh. "Investments into education-investments into the future" in the "Independent Kazakhstan" newspaper, No. 11 (039) 5/25/2018 of page 2.