Educational work

The educational work of the Department of Management and Marketing is carried out in the following areas: civil-patriotic and legal education, spiritual and moral education, professional and labor education, the formation of religious tolerance, physical education and the formation of a healthy lifestyle, environmental education, the development of intellectual and communicative culture, cultural and aesthetic education, the development of student self-government and youth initiative. The main goal of educational work is to form students 'national identity, increase the level of spiritual thinking, raise a patriotic, intellectual nation with high culture and intelligence, and develop students' creative abilities. The Department of educational work closely cooperates with the students of the teaching staff. Educational hours are held on topical issues, various events are implemented. To create an educational environment in the educational institution named after M. Auezov, many opportunities are provided for students: participation in student self-government; membership in student construction groups and "Zhasyl El" teams; Participation in the implementation of the state youth policy of Kazakhstan, membership in the organization" Youth Wing "of the" NurOtan " party.
        For the purposes of cultural and aesthetic, patriotic, and spiritual education, open mentoring hours are held. All conditions are created for students to gain knowledge and develop a healthy lifestyle.
                                                                       State and Local Management", "Management and" Marketing»
                                                                        students of the specialty hold a large-scale event in the hostel