The event is entitled "Bow to the native land and the development of medium-sized businesses"

      On February 21, 2019, the departments “International Tourism and Service” and “Business and Commercialization” of the Higher School of Management and Business held a planned event at the hostel No. 4 for students of 1–4 courses of various specialties at M. Auezov SKSU in the framework of “Ruhani zhanyru ”On the topic“ Tugan zherge taғzym zhane orta kәsіpkerlіktі damitu zholdary ”. The purpose of this event is to cultivate tolerance, patriotic feelings, love of country. Loving your homeland means taking care of its citizens. Each Kazakhstani, a patriot of his country, his small homeland should take care of it. Good deeds will certainly remain not only in history, but also in the memory of the inhabitants of the region and district. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev talks about all this and not only speaks in his article “Looking to the Future - Modernizing Public Consciousness”.