Head of the department:
Aitymbetova Ainurа Nurlanovna 

PhD, Senior Lecturer fulfilled
Address: Shymkent, 486018, Tauke - Khan Street 5, SKU M.Auezov, the main building of 4-floor office 437
Phone: 21-23-67
E -mail:

The Department of Finance and Credit was established on August 26, 1996. Subsequently, the department was divided into two independent departments "Taxes and taxation" and "Banking." But since August 2014, the departments have reunited as the Department of Finance.

At different times, the departments were headed by c.e.s., Sh.B Professor Bekibaeva., Doctor of Economics, Professor S.Zh. Zhakipbekov, c.e.s., docent Z.A. Bigeldieva Since February 2018, the department has been headed by c.e.s., docent  A.N.Aitymbetova.

An experienced faculty is working at the department, including 1 doctor of economics, professors, 10 candidates of economics, 3 doctors of PhD, 8 masters with a long experience in teaching and practical activity.

The department is graduating, which trains specialists for work in banking, tax systems, insurance companies and various organizations of the financial sector of the country's economy.

During this time, more than 4,000 specialists were trained in the specialty, who, after graduation, successfully works in various sectors of the economy.

Bachelor program 

The department is preparing for educational programs of undergraduate programs in the specialty 5B050900 - Finance and since 2019 on the educational program 6B04140 - Finance.