Vocational guidance

Career guidance work at the Department of "Management and Marketing" is conducted according to the plan of career guidance work of the South Kazakhstan University named after M Auezov for the following educational programs:
1. 6B04120-Management
2. 6B04160-Marketing
3. 6B04150-State and local government
4. 7M04120-Management
5. 7M04160-Marketing 
Every month, the Faculty of the department holds meetings with the graduating classes of Shymkent and Turkestan region.
1. For example, in the 2020-2021 academic year, meetings were held with schoolchildren from Sairam, Saryagash, Zhetysay, Maktaral, Tulkubas, Baidibek districts and city schools.
In order to increase the image and recognition of the department, the following articles were published in the open press: 
1. To be competitive – to be flexible (Shymkent Panorama, No. 8 (1853) of 29.01.2021)
2. A new model of public administration: in the context of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Republican Newspaper Uakyt No. 6 (399) of 18.02.2021)
The traditional features of teaching at the department are a combination of theoretical fundamental education with special applied training. Much attention is paid to the development of students ' analytical skills and creative thinking. All this allows graduates to quickly and successfully adapt to the changing requirements of their professional activities.
Today, the department is one of the strong structural divisions of the YUU named after M. Auezov, which trains specialists in the field of management and marketing, who have high professional competence, leadership qualities, and are brought up in the spirit of patriotism.
Evidence of the quality of training of specialists at the department is the constantly growing demand for them both from public authorities, scientific and higher educational institutions, and from private companies, international organizations, firms and institutions. 
In this profession, you need to think, reflect, make decisions, organize, plan. And the most interesting thing is that the profession of a manager involves working with people. We are waiting for you at the Department of "Management and Marketing" at the YUU named after M. Auezov»